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Monthly Giveaways

Every month I try to do an online yarn giveaway! I do this for a few reasons:

1 - I am a great person and I love sharing!

2- I want to give everyone a chance to use Indie Dyed yarn! Many people do not find it in their budget or simply do not understand what the "big deal" is about hand dyed yarns. These giveaways allow people who would not otherwise treat themselves a chance to see what they have been missing out on!

3 - I am promoting ALL hand dyed yarn businesses - not just my own. Small businesses are very important to me. If you do not like what I have to offer, please consider exploring what other Indie Yarn Dyers have available. We are a community of fabulous makers, each with our own particular style. The skeins we make are truly one of a kind works of art on premium natural fibers with vivid, saturated colors!

Want to enter? Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my YouTube channel! It is there that I announce the contests and winners! Join the fun!