Where does time go? I mean how does it go by so darn fast? I remember being a kid and time would just crawl by. Everything I wanted seemed to take an eternity to get. Once I hit my twenties it was as if I stepped onto a high speed escalator! First I'm a girlfriend then BOOM! Now I'm a wife. BOOM! I'm a mom. BOOM! He's 25. Seriously?

This same patterns seem to be affecting my WIPs (or Works In Progress for all new & non-stitchers!) I guess it boils down to the old saying "time flies when you are having fun" and believe me it does! When I sit down to craft - by the time I mentally block out all of the distractions and get into a rhythm it is then time for me to stop and do something else. Where did that hour go??

I have been plugging along on several projects lately but the one I am most attentive to is my Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart. You can find it on Ravelry here. It is a simple, meditative and absolutely marvelous pattern! When combined with fabulous yarn it can be extremely addicting. It is completely customizable so I do not feel bad about the wee mistake I made so far. Unless you are an avid stitcher one would not know the difference, right? I just love the squishy rows of garter interrupted by the delicate eyelet rows and the I-Cord edging. Okay so I must confess that I have never knit a blanket diagonally before. That was the one thing that halted me from starting this project earlier. Honestly I do not know what I was so scared of! Maybe I was afraid mine would turn out wonky or require too much blocking. Fun fact: I LOATHE BLOCKING. I will admit that I intentionally avoid patterns that require it. Lace shawls? I only ever knit one. And it is still sitting in a drawer. In need. Of. Blocking.

So am I going to block my Habitation Throw? Um, yeah no. Who has the time? On to the next WIP my friends!