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KnowKnits GoKnit Pouch

A must have bag for your knitting, stitching or craft projects!
Brightly colored, lightweight, rip-stop nylon fabric makes this innovative knitting bag irresistible.
Machine Washable & Dry-able!
Made of rip-stop, water resistant, lightweight nylon, each pouch is ingeniously designed to keep your latest project safe yet accessible.
On the outside of the bag is a strap with a snap for attaching the pouch to your belt, wrist, purse, chair arm, even the tray table in front of your airline seat. Then on the inside of each bag is a smaller strap through which you loop your working yarn thread to keep it from tangling
Made in the USA and available in 3 sizes
Knitting made mobile by Knowknits!
Now your knitting can go wherever.
Simply place your yarn into the GoKnit Pouch and feed it through the interior loop, pull the draw string closed and slide the cord lock towards the bag to secure. Attach the outer loop to your purse strap or belt buckle, and knit anywhere, anytime!
This little bag is perfect for knitting-on-the-go. Made of lightweight, water-resistant nylon in the USA.
Medium: 11" high by 8"

Designer: MaelströmFiber Arts

$31.00 USD
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